As I write this post I am sitting at yet another coffee shop waiting for the spotty Wi-Fi to kick back on. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee shops. I love the relaxing yet upbeat music, yummy coffee, and fun environment. I work for a digital marketing agency and work remotely. There are many amazing things about working remotely: flexible schedule, freedom to change my work environment, and the chance to stay in my PJ’s on days I don’t feel like getting dressed. However, working remotely comes with many challenges…and spotty coffee shop Wi-Fi is just the beginning.

I wake up on a Monday morning ready to hit the ground running. I have scattered to-do lists over my kitchen table and my brain is racing with new ideas and project deadlines. And yet I find that my procrastination kicks in due to my at home work environment. I start seeing the piles of laundry, dirty dishes in the sink, and floors that need vacuuming. So I begin to clean telling myself “Once the house is clean I will start work”. Many minutes go by (sometimes hours) and the house is clean. Alright, I should get started on work now.

I start responding to emails, creating graphics, and scheduling more content for clients. After a small amount of work is done I suddenly remember that I have to drop off the package for my friend’s birthday at the post office before it’s too late. I hop in the car and head to the post office. After the post office, I remember that we are out of milk at home and need milk for my mid-afternoon latte. So I run to the grocery store and of course end up grabbing much more than I came for.

I’m finally back home and after unloading the groceries I am ready to kick it into high gear and start being productive. But then I feel very sleepy and instead of pushing through, I look towards my cozy couch and accept its invitation to take just a quick nap. Half an hour later I wake up groggy and frustrated that I still have not put a dent in my large to do list. Ok time to get serious.

I get up and get dressed to head to my local coffee shop. Going to coffee shops help me focus and there are no distractions from home. I spend another $4 on a latte and set up to finish my work. I’m finally feeling in the zone and checking off my list. I go to create a new landing page for a client that must be done by tomorrow and the Wi-Fi goes out. I give it a few minutes trying to be patient. Still no Wi-Fi. I decide to connect to my personal hot-spot on my phone. Perfect!…or so I thought. My hot-spot is working but soooo slowly. I’ll never get anything done at this rate.

I look down at my clock and realize it’s already 4:30! How did this happen? I’ve barely gotten anything done! Looks like I will be spending my evening hours completing the work that I should have gotten done during the work hours. After a late night of finishing my work I rub my burning eyes and tell myself “Tomorrow I will be more productive” ….and the cycle continues.

When I worked in a corporate office downtown I always felt productive and accomplished by the end of the day. Now working from home I struggle with productivity, poor time management, and an expensive latte problem. These problems continue to reinforce why I am so excited to be opening The Village Workspace, a Coworking space for women in Centennial, Colorado with my mom and sister. This space will be the solution to my low productivity, loneliness, time management, and more – all while accompanying my flexible schedule and personal needs. I can still begin my workday when I want but will have a place that I can call my own where I feel focused and productive. I also will have a community of amazing women around me to celebrate my victories, help with ideas, or even review my work if I’m feeling stuck. And the best part? Endless amounts of outlets and STRONG Wi-Fi! Hallelujah.

What are your challenges with working remotely? Share in the comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going!