We all want a place to belong. A space that you walk into and feel safe… encouraged, and even celebrated! The Village Workspace has been a dream in the making for the past 7 years. After visiting a “brogrammer” space in Indianapolis, founder, Gina Schreck was inspired to create a place for women to call their own.

When life is busy but your work as an entrepreneur leaves you feeling lonely, coworking is the perfect solution. Gina knew she wanted a beautiful, warm, and comfortable space catering to women’s needs and finally brought the dream to life. The Village Workspace is where women are inspired and empowered to achieve personal and professional success.

Gina, who also runs a digital marketing agency, SocialKNX, convinced her two daughters to come work on this dream with her. After raising four children as she worked, Schreck wanted a space that was both kid and dog friendly. Most importantly, she wanted a beautiful space that made coming to work inspiring!

With gorgeous “house-shaped” offices, desks that sit under a pergola lit up like a beautiful backyard patio, large conference rooms, cozy conversation spaces, coffee, herbal tea, and healthy snacks, podcast and media rooms and even meditation or nap rooms, women will have their home away from home!

The motto at The Village Workspace is “A place to BELONG!” And when you join this community, you feel supported and celebrated personally AND professionally.



Meet Gina, the founder of The Village Workspace. She is a mom of 4 children and 3 Chiweenies 🐶

She has had the dream of opening this space for over 7 years and to get to do it with her two daughters is beyond EXCITING! As an entrepreneur for over 25 years, she knows how hard the journey is and how much a positive work community plays into the success of a business! She can’t wait to cheer you on to BIG SUCCESS at The Village Workspace.

Meet Taylor. She’s the oldest daughter of founder Gina. She loves Marie Curie and believes that chocolate is always the answer.

She’s excited for The Village Workspace because she believes every woman has gifts to be shared and that together women can change the world!

Meet Bailey. She’s the youngest daughter of founder Gina. Her closet and bookshelves are rainbow organized and office supplies make her giddy 📓✂️✏️

She’s excited for The Village Workspace because she can’t wait to work in an inspired environment surrounded by encouraging and talented women….and also can’t wait to help organize all of the office supplies.