Are you searching for great places to meet or hold events in south Denver? If I have learned one thing this past year, it is there is nothing like meeting face-to-face and I will be the first to admit, I cannot do another Zoom networking event with 30 people on 4 pages of screens or training sessions where everyone is multitasking in very strategic ways as not to be caught in the act. Sure it’s still fine to have one-on-one calls with folks and see their faces, but it feels so much better to see real faces, bodies and share more of an experience in our meetings.

boardroom conference room for 20 people

Owning a coworking or flex workspace I have seen the power of teams that come in and work together. They share lunch and stories, they walk over and ask for help even with folks at different companies, and they encourage one another when someone is having a tough day. We are living in a brand new era of workspace. Most everything in our world has gone back to “pre-pandemic” status… except for our work places.

We don’t all automatically get up in the morning and head into an office. Our workspaces are morphing into more of an as-needed space to go and perform certain tasks and we are seeing companies get extremely creative with both their scheduling of work and the places it is being done. Some team members work from home and only come in once a week or once a month for meetings. 

Perhaps your team works from home, and once or twice a week you want to gather for a creative session to begin a project or discuss the progress on projects you are working on. Your meeting may be held in a comfortable sitting area with rolling white boards. Another meeting may need to be done in a classroom style room for training and yet another day you may need a large round table to sit around and hash out details on a problem that is plaguing the company or team.

Today we need space for in-person and virtual meetings. Spaces that are private and spaces that are just cafe style huddle spots for conversations that are not-so-private. We need large all-hands meeting spaces and nooks for small team conversations.  

So when you do need to gather, what is it you look for in a great meeting space? And what if your team is located South of Denver? Some teams have bare-bones requirements and just need a table with some chairs. Others are looking for room flexibility, wanting breakout rooms and the ability to reconfigure the tables into pods, boardroom style or classroom set up with technology to bring someone in virtually. 

There is a big difference between a team meeting and a large corporate or networking event. When you are looking for a spot to gather for a sales event, a training day or just to see each other in person after enough Zoom meetings, and you can’t break the budget to do so, we’ve got some suggestions for you. 

We looked around for you and focused on spaces south of Denver to get away from being downtown. We looked at resources south of I-25 and Hampden and left out all hotels since those are usually painfully drab and require a food and beverage minimum.

We also surveyed local companies here in the South Denver area and found their top requirements when looking for a meeting space to rent. Here are the top 10 requirements for great meeting space in Centennial or South Denver:

  1. Enough space to spread out a bit.
  2. Audio Visual- Television or large screen to project laptop or bring in others via Zoom
  3. White boards for brainstorming 
  4. Easy and FREE parking  
  5. Places near by for going out to lunch
  6. Breakout or smaller huddle rooms available
  7. Ability to bring in food without requirements or extra cost from the space to use their food and beverage
  8. Sound System available (microphone and speakers)
  9. Coffee, tea, water service available
  10. Budget-friendly

So with this criteria in mind, we set out to find spots for you to explore here in the south Denver and Denver Tech Center areas. After all, when you live and work south of Denver, you don’t want to drive downtown and fight traffic and hunt for parking to attend meetings! So here are a few spots to check out:

Arapahoe Libraries– Koelbel, Smoky Hill, Castlewood, Southglenn

Free and easy parking
TV/ HDMI Cables available in most rooms
Some have whiteboards
Some locations allow food and drink to be brought in

Some have a minimum number of people needed to book a meeting room (to avoid 1 or 2 people taking meeting rooms that hold more–see terms HERE)
Availability is severely limited and often the time block you need is cut up into 30 or 60 minute chunks.
No alcohol allowed
After hours is dependant on location

Thrive Workspace

4 Different sizes from a small huddle room for 4-5 people up to a large 80-person meeting or event space
TV/AV equipment for connecting your laptops
Food and drink allowed
Easy access off of I-25 and Arapahoe or DryCreek

Parking can be tight during weekdays

Venture X- Greenwood Village

Variety of meeting room sizes starting at small huddle rooms that rent for $60/hour
Onsite bakery for catering
Off-site lunch options nearby
TV/Monitors and AV needs provided
Whiteboards available
Easy access off of I-25

Parking! Paid parking available in garage

The Village Workspace


Spacious boardroom for 20- can be configured into pods, classroom style or boardroom style
Spacious conference room for 10- can be configured into classroom style or conference room style
Breakout/Huddle Room for 4
Cafe area rents out on evenings and weekends and holds 50-80
Outdoor meeting space available when weather is nice
Stage available in cafe
Photo/Media/Podcast Studio available – great for team headshots and video work
Allowed to bring in your own food, alcohol
Catering assistance available
Sound system available for larger events in cafe
TV with HDMI cables AND adapters for MAC computers
Onsite AV support for free
White boards
Lots of free and easy parking
Easy access off of I-25 and Arapahoe or DryCreek
Close to restaurants and Top Golf for fun after meeting event
Available 7 days a week
Affordable pricing hourly or discounted daily rates starting at $40/hr


Rooms are often booked by members and regular networking groups so the more advance notice you have the better


We’d love to hear from you. What do you look for when booking a meeting or event space? What are your top requirements?
Event space in south Denver at the Village Workspace

If you are looking for space for your next meeting or event, we’d love to show you around here at The Village Workspace! Contact us today!
Here is a list of some of our favorite events that have been held here over the past few years:

  • Fundraising Galas for up to 125 people 
  • A Roaring 20s Dance Party with a live band 
  • A WEDDING with sit down dinner for 80 
  • Baby Showers 
  • Bridal Showers
  • Comedy Night
  • Team Building Meeting and Events
  • Networking/Leads group meetings
  • Fashion show (even one for DOGS!)
  • Murder Mystery Dinners
  • Quinceañera Celebration
  • Book Launch Parties
  • Monthly Team Lunch and Learn Events
  • Training Classes
  • Product Expos
  • Holiday Fair 

See more photos of the events we have hosted at the bottom of  OUR EVENT PAGE!

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