We host monthly events at The Village to help you develop personally and professionally. From weekly fitness and accountability group events to monthly “Collaboratory” creative nights, financial savviness courses, or story jam events, we keep the great content coming. If you have a topic you think would benefit our community here, definitely let us know.  Let’s keep learning and growing together!

Take a look at the bottom of this page to see photos of our space set up for different events. Contact us to book your event. 

Fitness Challenge May 2  through July

Are you tired of making excuses about why you can’t exercise more or get back to your peak state of health?

Do you need the help (and motivation) of a group working out with you and challenging you to reach your health and fitness goals?

We are starting a 12-week challenge on May 2nd with personal trainer, Becca Kienitz and it is not too late to join in the fun. We will meet in the Village Workspace gym Mondays and Wednesdays at noon.

Contact Becca directly-

You MUST register at the QR code above so we have enough rollers for everyone! Bring your mat and get ready for lots of pain-relieving FUN!