EVENTS Calendar

We host monthly events at The Village to help you develop personally and professionally. From weekly fitness and accountability group events to monthly “Collaboratory” creative nights, financial savviness courses or story jam events, we keep the great content coming. If you have a topic you think would benefit our community here, definitely let us know.  Let’s keep learning and growing together!

September 17

Story Jam

4 pm – 6 pm

This month we will explore the elements of our stories– the people, the places, and the format of stories. Come prepared to share a 10 min story or come to listen and cheer the storytellers on.  Stories should be personal and have a moment of transformation or discovery where you learned something about yourself or were somehow changed. If you can’t think of one to tell, come and learn how to become a better storyteller.

This event is FREE!

September 23

Celebrating Denver’s Female Artists

5:30 pm – 8 pm

We have over 10 female artists who will be displaying over 40 pieces of incredible art here at The Village! Come hear where their inspiration comes from and how each of us has an artist buried within!

This event is FREE, but please RSVP HERE so we can have plenty of noshes and sips!

centennial art show 

October 6

Brand New You!

4 pm – 6 pm

Are you ready to update your personal and professional brand? We have gathered a team of experts for PHASE ONE of BRAND NEW YOU that will be helping you get a strategy together that includes your online and offline brand. In October our experts will help us create the image and personality we want our brand to present to the world and then explore how to make sure that is how we are showing up every day. We have experts who will discuss social media strategies, wardrobe choices, hair and makeup, and recommended content and photo ideas. THEN in November, we will have photographers and a video team set up for those who want to get pics and videos created. You can schedule new headshots, branding shots, and even a series of short video tips or FAQs to use on your website or social sites.

The October event is FREE and we will have the pricing options gathered soon for the November shoots. Please RSVP HERE for October 6th!