EVENTS Calendar

We host monthly events at The Village to help you develop personally and professionally. From weekly fitness and accountability group events to monthly “Collaboratory” creative nights, financial savviness courses, or story jam events, we keep the great content coming. If you have a topic you think would benefit our community here, definitely let us know.  Let’s keep learning and growing together!

What are our COVID restrictions? 
We host many of our events in a hybrid fashion–both in-person and online. Our in-person event space is large enough and spread out for safe distancing and we ask that you wear a mask when entering or walking around. 

March 8th 9 am – 6 pm

This is a big day at the Village and we want to celebrate women in a BIG way! This past year has brought extra challenges for so many women who are now juggling home school, caring for family members, and trying to maintain a career . We want to encourage you to invite your friends, coworkers and family members to this power-packed day!

9am – noon Come in for snacks, mimosas and free coworking at The Village

Noon- Welcome message from our founder, Gina Schreck, on the need to SEE IT to BE IT! We need to surround ourselves with women doing BIGGER things so we can see it in action and play BIGGER ourselves!

12:30-1:30 – Village Treasure Hunt! We have prizes and fun selfie ops hidden around the space for you to explore on your self-guided tour.

1:30 – Stacey Hanke will be bringing us a power message on using our INFLUENCE!

2:00 – Betsy Wiersma shares how she built her dream organization that has given back over the past 15 years and she is going to take you through a visual exercise to get your dream down on paper!

3:00 – Susan Frew talks about using the Pufferfish Effect to appear bigger while you are growing.

4:00 – We are kicking off our HAPPIER HOUR with funny lady, Karyn Ruth White!



March 23rd 4-6 pm

Booze & Bitcoin – Come learn about the crazy world of cryptocurrency. You’ve heard people talk about bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and more, but if you’re like most of us you have no idea what it really is. We are having a fun and informal time of learning and networking from 4-6.  Grab a friend and join in.


March 25th we have another fun Sip & Learn event as Stephanie and Kristen of Frenzied to Financial Freedom, joining us to share how they got into real estate investing for a passive income stream. Grab your friends and come ask all the questions you’ve had about becoming more financially savvy!  This event is from 4-6 pm and is FREE.