The Village


More than just a place to rent an office. This is a beautiful collaborative place that happens to have offices and workspaces for you to do what you do best. Located in Centennial, Colorado (DTC area).

A place to BELONG! Celebrating and Supporting the amazing work you are doing in the world!


 Why are we focusing on women?

When people ask us, “Why focus on women?” We tell them that we know that women think different, we talk different, and we want to work in a space that is different! Are men allowed? Of course they are! We are just creating a space that puts a focus on women feeling safe and uplifted.

The Village Workspace is an INSPIRED place to work in the Denver Tech Center area (Centennial, CO), where we celebrate the amazing work YOU do!

We are a group of encouragers who lift each other up on those days when life and work are tough. We are a group of cheerleaders who do the happy dance with you when you just need others to know you’re a ROCKSTAR!  And we are listeners and collaborators when you are working on that big project and want to bounce ideas off of someone other than your dog.

Don’t men need this as well? Sure they do. But most spaces are not designed to encourage this. A “Bro-working” space has a very different vibe. A place where you just rent offices, has a very different vibe.

If you are wondering WHY FOCUS ON WOMEN when designing our space?
We say, “WHY NOT?” Women want a place where they can be both in a productive “heads-down” mode as well as space for them to collaborate, and have serendipitous moments of brilliance with others. We want amenities that support our busy lifestyle and luxuries like a nap room and tampons in a beautiful glass jar instead of stashed in nasty metal machines in a restroom! THESE are the things that make our space FEMALE-FOCUSED!    



Private Office

We have move-in ready furnished offices whether it’s just you or a team of five or more. We can customize these for you and your team. When you have a private office here, you also have access to our hot desk area, all common area spaces, a business mailbox and many other perks.

Dedicated Desk

You can be assured you’ll have your own workspace in our open patio area to return to each day. This is YOUR desk and you can lock up items in your personal storage and even leave those family photos out if you’d like! Along with dedicated desk space, you also have a business mailbox, and use of all common area spaces, along with many other perks. 

Hot Desk

Unlimited Access to our beautiful open spaces working alongside other amazing people. You can do 30-day memberships to save over our daily drop-in rates. Our coworking spaces include the use of our 20-foot long coffee bar, our open seating areas, workdesks, nap room, mom’s room, and kids room. our conference rooms or media studio can also be rented by the hour when needed.  If you need a business mailbox, check out our virtual mail and mobile office options.

Drop-In Packages

Whether you need a space to work for just 2 days a month or 5 days we have you covered. You have access to all of our open spaces–the 20-foot coffee bar, tables, 2 work desk areas, our nap room, mom’s room, kids room and more. Conference rooms can be rented on an hourly basis as well.



If you and your team need room to spread out and hold your corporate meetings and you don’t want to drive downtown, our boardroom is the perfect fit right in Centennial, Colorado! This large room seats 20 people.

Large Conference Room

If you are needing a larger room to meet with your team or group of clients but don’t need a full boardroom this room is perfect for you. This room seats 12 people. 

Medium Conference Room

More than a huddle room but less than a boardroom this room is perfect for team meetings or a meeting with a client. This room seats 8 people. 

Huddle Rooms

This is the perfect spot for brainstorming, quick team debriefs, or a small client meeting. This room seats 4 people. (2 Huddle Rooms Available).



Come in and see for yourself the place you can do your best work!

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7173 S Havana Suite A-600

Centennial CO 80112


888-5-VILLAGE (888-584-5524)